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Our services

Reload IT provide complete support and consulting services that can assist in all aspects of your network and IT Infrastructure, ranging from strategic network planning to full installation and system security

Network monitoring

Fully customisable monitoring of routers, switches, servers, laptops, workstations, printers, UPS’, wireless access points, firewalls, websites and bandwidth utilisation.

IT Manager Assistance

Reload can recommend the best approach for your business. As part of our Managed Services, we always help clients with planning, strategy and annual budgeting for their technology needs.

Asset Management

We will maintain an up-to-date and accurate asset inventory for your hardware and software licensing. We can track serial numbers, asset tags, license and warranty expiration dates.

On-Site Support

This is an option for those times when only on-site support can resolve the issue. Times this may be necessary include new hardware configuration, loss of internet connectivity or disaster recovery when your entire system has failed.

Installation & Service

Servers, PCs, Laptops & Tablets,  Upgrades & Maintenance, Warranties. Routers, Firewalls & Battery Backups, Printers, Scanners & Other Peripherals

Technical Consulting

Advising on the best practice to ultiise your equipment, combining your business with your technology services to give an active focus on how best to use  your IT in achieving your business objectives.

Protecting your data

is the greatest support you can give your business. Your servers are the heart of your IT system.

It is essential to maintain the network components that make up the IT foundation of your operation. Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your system optimises your network performance and reduces the risk of problems arising. Preventive maintenance is a solid investment producing a healthy and functioning workplace.

Our IT support and consulting

services can aid in all aspects of your network and IT Infrastructure.

We manage your everyday maintenance associated with keeping your computer environment up and running. Our experience will help to resolve problems quickly and efficiently minimising disruption to your business whilst improving productivity and system up time.

Business continuity

Reload IT offer full network services including design, implementation, project management, and user support. Our system support service is designed to assist with system or performance issues through advanced analysis and troubleshooting.

Support for desktops, servers, and related networking systems.


If your business relies heavily on it’s IT infrastructure then it is important to engage a company that delivers reliable support and advice


Comprehensive user support for general office applications and hardware


Continuous monitoring and maintenance of system network components


planning, strategy and budgeting for technology


secure, encrypted, cloud or local network storage

Expect more

Support for desktops, servers, and related networking systems

Hardware Management

From purchase, installation, support to life-cycle management and hardware warranties. Complete equipment management.

Software Management

Purchasing, Installation & Implementation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Updates & Renewals, Licensing

Managed IT Support

Support of your organisation’s technology infrastucture

Rotherham IT Consultant and web design


Our purpose built document workflow system can be tailored to your specific business process. It is an ideal solution for field service engineers, documents awaiting authorisation, order allocation or simply save by moving your existing documents from paper to electronic. Built around your needs and proven to reduce paper traffic within your office. .


Improve Communication

Stop micro-managing. Keep everyone in the loop. Help internal teams focus more on the task and less on the process. Make it easy for customers and suppliers to participate in the workflow.

Include Your Business Process

Stop micro-managing. Keep everyone in the loop. Help internal teams focus more on the task and less on the process. Make it easy for employees, customers and suppliers to participate in the workflow.

Conditional Logic

Implement review loops allowing users to edit their values before re-submitting for approval. Use workflow conditional logic to branch the process or skip steps.


Reports display charts by form, step and assignee so you can identify bottlenecks before they arise, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Control who can submit forms, approve entries, modify values and view the status. By default users can only see the status of their own submissions. Support for field level access.

Audit Trail

Keep track of who did what and when in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log. Includes comments, timestamps with step by step and status information as a permanent record.

Local SEO and web MARKETING

Promote and target your business to the market that’s important to you. A more localised campaign is proven to increase your web presence, making you stand out from your competitors.

Web design and optimisation

Working alongside our selected web design partners Reload provide a comprehensive web design solution, helping you decide what you want through to SEO and and targeted advertising campaigns


With decades of experience within the IT industry, Reload IT have worked with a vast array of technologies, providing support and solutions to a wide range of industries and sectors.

This experience and knowledge provides a level of expertise which we know you want to rely on.

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Are your systems secure? Where are you vulnerable? How fast is your network? How fast could it be? Is your computer equipment still providing the productivity you need?

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